New Game for #1GAM – It’s called Cybersphere or something like that

I am working on a new game for March. It’s basically nothing like what I had mused about doing, but oh well. I decided to riff off the #cyberpunkjam (even though its over) and the neon theme for #1GAM and make a alternate future cyberpunk hacking game. It’s basically inspire by those cheesy scenes from the movie Hackers where the main characters hack into mainframes by flying around a virtual reality city. The whole game so far uses Unity3D’s new Sample Asset pack and a few things from the Robot Lab. I’ll probably change the character one day, but I like the prototyping platforms for this game!


After the VR-32 system was released in the 1995, Virtual Reality headgear became the standard for logging on to the cybersphere. The USA was cruising towards becoming a neon glowing technopolis where everyone hung out in giant warehouse arcades and attended all night dance parties thrown by Daft Punk, until disaster struck. The Y2K bug which set all computers back to the 1900’s resulted in the downfall of the federal government and massive corporations seizing control of the world.  You are an elite hacker who ‘jacks’ into the ‘net and surfs the Information Superhighway to take down the bad guys who are ruining the world. What does that mean? Jumping around neon glowy floating platforms and solving puzzles while avoiding ever more frustrating instadeaths!

I hope to have a link to a demo up soon. I’ve got a lot of the key features built and have begun some level design. The pic above is sort of a tutorial area to learn the ropes. The game features lots of moving platforms, weight sensitive platforms, traps, and jumping.