FireWorks Game

For my February game I was working on this flying game concept sort of inspired by Night into Dreams and then decided I needed to give it a shot with all the Flappy Bird clones. Its not really a Flappy Bird clone, but perhaps it is in a similar genre? The firework is fun to fly once you get the hang of the controls. Reset the game when you crash by pressing SPACE. (Noticed Escape froze my browser in fullscreen mode! Not cool. Don’t use the Escape key for browser games.) The objective of the game is to earn points by colliding with the floating cubes and spheres while not crashing into the buildings. Doing loops and stunts and picking up speed is fun! Hit objects in succession and create a cool fireworks display. Still in a work in progress obviously! I’ve been slacking! ¬†Here is the link to the FireWorks game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.10.54 PM

Controls –

Left and Right Arrows or A and D to Pitch up and down. (Point the nose, flying direction up or down)

After you get the hang of that – Left mouse, space, ctr buttons will increase speed.

Thats it!

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2 thoughts on “FireWorks Game

    • you will get the hang of it! press the backwards key to pull up so you don’t crash. i will be upgrading the graphics soon, I have a bunch of cool firework effects to add.

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