New Game for #1GAM – It’s called Cybersphere or something like that

I am working on a new game for March. It’s basically nothing like what I had mused about doing, but oh well. I decided to riff off the #cyberpunkjam (even though its over) and the neon theme for #1GAM and make a alternate future cyberpunk hacking game. It’s basically inspire by those cheesy scenes from the movie Hackers where the main characters hack into mainframes by flying around a virtual reality city. The whole game so far uses Unity3D’s new Sample Asset pack and a few things from the Robot Lab. I’ll probably change the character one day, but I like the prototyping platforms for this game!


After the VR-32 system was released in the 1995, Virtual Reality headgear became the standard for logging on to the cybersphere. The USA was cruising towards becoming a neon glowing technopolis where everyone hung out in giant warehouse arcades and attended all night dance parties thrown by Daft Punk, until disaster struck. The Y2K bug which set all computers back to the 1900’s resulted in the downfall of the federal government and massive corporations seizing control of the world.  You are an elite hacker who ‘jacks’ into the ‘net and surfs the Information Superhighway to take down the bad guys who are ruining the world. What does that mean? Jumping around neon glowy floating platforms and solving puzzles while avoiding ever more frustrating instadeaths!

I hope to have a link to a demo up soon. I’ve got a lot of the key features built and have begun some level design. The pic above is sort of a tutorial area to learn the ropes. The game features lots of moving platforms, weight sensitive platforms, traps, and jumping.

More updated version of SpaceWars Cubed

The latest version of SpaceWars has a few different bad guys and a boss. There is level/wave progression now. There is some bonus for dispatching enemies quickly in each wave. The difficulty curve is still a little tough I think, but the boss fight is actually kinda easy. There is a mock level one and two – each ending with a boss battle…

Here is a link to Space Wars Cubed.

Updates coming soon:

  • enemies with different attacks – chasing missiles, area attacks, multi attacks, collision
  • better bosses
  • power ups- 1up, shield, dual gun, bomb
  • PC / Mac download for folks whose browsers aren’t cutting it

March Game of the Month Ideas – Haunted houses, flat shading, cyber tank battles, giant robots

I’ve been trying to decide what to do for my March #1GAM and a few ideas have floated around. I am exploring the haunted house genre with the idea of exploring dark rooms with just a flashlight and hearing cool sound effects of floor boards and distant doors slamming. I remember being really into ghost stories and horror stuff as a kid. I still love a good scare. I’ve been thinking about the old Alone in the Dark game with its impossible combat against Lovecraftian beasts in an old mansion. Another great haunted house was in the Vampire Masquerade game–the abandoned hotel. It had some legit scares! Designing a virtual haunted house would be cool and making the gameplay  more about exploration and stealth (hide / run for your life)  rather than a shoot-em-up would be neat. I’d make it first person with good headphones and a dark room mandatory.

After watching that, I may have to go back and play that game!! Here is Vampire’s haunted hotel… This may be more my style, but perhaps with the old school graphics?

How about the creepy toy following you around… Or the kitchen scene… or the light bulbs bursting. Nice effects…
Then I’ve been looking into flat shaded 3D graphics (oh and this one is cool too- check out the Italian youtube at the bottom)which harken back to when 3D games first started hitting the arcade when I was a kid. Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, Cyber Sled were some of my favorite things to play. On modern computers the style actually looks really cool and I might be able to pull something off with it. I also like the idea of a robot arena fighting game like Cyber Sled or Virtua On. A Cyber Sled remake might be fun and not too far out for my one man studio if I get cracking now. The sleds are like bulky tank robots, not too hard to throw together. The spider one might be hard but I don’t have to include special models – maybe just a few sled/tank types with different speed to firepower to armor ratios. Do that, a few arenas, some enemy AI and we  could call it a game. Here is some footage of the game:

Virtua On was much more polished and the robots you could choose from were a little more involved. I’d love to play or make something like it tho. The robots were mostly fast and they could jump over buildings, engage in hand-to-hand combat as well as ranged attacks around an arena. I played the army looking one with the night-stick arms. It would probably take more that the month to do it right tho and the 3D modeling.

Finally, another idea I’ve been toying with is a creating a classic style game like Pacman and do a tutorial series as I make it so that folks at home who want to try Unity can follow along. Pacman would be cool because it would teach moving a character with the keyboard, building maze levels, creating simple enemy AI, pickups, power-ups and points. The framework could be an easy jumping off point for learners to make their own games – a dungeon crawler isn’t much different: a maze with a different texture for walls, enemies that swing swords or throw fireballs could easily spring from a pacman clone. Tutorials are a big undertaking, but I think we could create a game for the month and document How-tos at the same time. Perhaps I will start here, but those games above are near and dear to my heart so look for games inspired by them someday from me.

FireWorks Update – More fireworks! Loops and Lives

The last two days have been snow days! Luckily for me, that means lots of time to work on games. I really like the FireWorks game and I think it is coming along well. There are now lots more fireworks as well as sound effects and chill music. I’ve also added 3 lives to the mix before the game resets.

The biggest addition is the looping system. Now when you complete a loop, things within the loop and sometimes around the loop will explode into fireworks and you get extra points. I will let you figure out all the super cool moves you can do to rack up points.

Here is a link to the FireWorks game… It may take a little longer to load this time – it has lots of new stuff in it, but it’s worth it!

Below is a video of the gameplay:

FireWorks Game

For my February game I was working on this flying game concept sort of inspired by Night into Dreams and then decided I needed to give it a shot with all the Flappy Bird clones. Its not really a Flappy Bird clone, but perhaps it is in a similar genre? The firework is fun to fly once you get the hang of the controls. Reset the game when you crash by pressing SPACE. (Noticed Escape froze my browser in fullscreen mode! Not cool. Don’t use the Escape key for browser games.) The objective of the game is to earn points by colliding with the floating cubes and spheres while not crashing into the buildings. Doing loops and stunts and picking up speed is fun! Hit objects in succession and create a cool fireworks display. Still in a work in progress obviously! I’ve been slacking!  Here is the link to the FireWorks game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.10.54 PM

Controls –

Left and Right Arrows or A and D to Pitch up and down. (Point the nose, flying direction up or down)

After you get the hang of that – Left mouse, space, ctr buttons will increase speed.

Thats it!