SpaceWars Cubed

Behold! SpaceWars Cubed! This is a super early demo with super basic bad guys and a super basic good guy. Just about everything needs to be refined. But I am looking to make it a lot like my original space wars with a space of 3D. The pixelly space ships are actually 3D cubes so I may tilt them a bit as they turn or strafe to so off the 3D bits. I am thinking of polishing with more lighting effects too. Here is the link to SpaceWars Cubed.┬áTakes a while to load too….

Look for lots more enemies – varied attacks, powerups, waves, levels, bosses in the future.

This was my mad dash attempt at making / starting / doing something for the month of January which obviously got away from me. I’d say this is more like #1PrototypeDemoAMonth but oh well. It’s certainly not done!

WASD or Arrows to move. Up – is Forward thrust, Down is Brake and reverse.

Space Bar to shoot

Escape to reset game – sorry no start screen or game over screen!