Update to Space Wars

No huge changes yet. Still not exactly a game. I haven’t gotten around to modeling cool looking ships so I added some horrible cube ones that are about the size. I also changed the AI and made the whole level a little more pretty. The thing was slowing to a crawl a few hours ago, but I think I fixed the bug. Or did I?  Here is a link to Space Wars in Unity 3D.

Again – WASD QE for moving, Mouse look to turn and aim. Left Click to shoot.

Next I am planning on adding a way for the enemies to patrol rather than attack outright and then be able to select targets like each other and fight. Oh and guided missiles.

Change Log 11/16/13:

– AI rotation / movement code – more gradual turning
– shoots when aligned
– duplicated enemy so there are two
– made 15 meter long place-holder ship meshes
– added some giant planets, asteroids to the play area
– drew my own nebula art and added to the skybox background-makes everything look awesome! credits to this artist Alec Schmidt for showing me how – Link to drawing Nebulas tutorial
– turned on some anti-aliasing
– turned off  lights for the bullets – although that wasn’t actually slowing things down.
– actually now I don’t remember what was…
– fixed multi-explosion bug
– made bullets smaller
– fixed some of the spinning when hit- still happens but not as bad
– added crosshairs for aiming and made mouse disappear – still has a habit of ending up clicking my desktop sometimes though

To do:
– sound
– radar map
– ai ai ai – patrol, chase, flank, strafe, gaurd, etc
– weapons systems – more weapons, switching, different damage / effects
– damage system
– game message system
– HUD – radar, armor visual, ammo, fuel, etc
– friendly ai
– good ship models
– communication with other ships

– planets, space stations, entire universe, jump gates probably
– buying, selling, upgrading
– walking around in stuff
– FPS action? ground wars? alien lifeforms? black holes? mining? crafting? jk