SpaceWars 3D demo

Not nearly anywhere near complete…its basically a tech demo of me figuring out how to use Unity. You can win by destroying the one bad guy. He has about 50 hit points. If you lose it will just say it at the top corner and keep letting you play.

Controls are W/S Thrust Forward and Back. A/D to strafe sideways. Q/E to roll. Mouse Look to turn. Mouse 1 to shoot lasers.

Be sure to click the center of the game screen when you start so the web app knows to use the mouse.

And yes, the bad guy is two cube put together but he does chase you and shoot lasers which is more important than looking cool. Also he’s probably gonna blast you in the first few seconds, beware. Eventually he goes on fire. If you go on fire you are in trouble. Also the planet/death stars on the playing field explode.

Here is a link to Space Wars 3D.