Island in Unity 3D

Hi there! I am messing around with Unity 3D since a compiled game on the desktop might be about a billion times faster. I am getting worried that my programming abilities in WebGL have hit a snag with the need to write custom shaders to make all the ships draw and move without crippling the frame rate. And so I am looking at Unity.

I will start posting some of the tutorials and things I have been working with since its not super easy to hunt down everything needed to make a good space game apparently. I’ve also been working with Blender on 3D models of ships. Screenshots coming.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 10.13.49 PM

Here is a screen shot of the Island I made. Its real simple, nothing special – I just used Unity’s terrain features and played around. There is a path you can take to get pretty close to the top of the crag. Also it seems you can just run up the face… not sure why that is possible. Still learning!! Click here to play around with it in the Unity Web player.


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5 thoughts on “Island in Unity 3D

  1. Beautiful graphics…! This has the potential to morph into a more complex and interesting game… although I randomly fell off the edge at one point and then started drifting down below the island. Hehe.
    You should add tameable wildlife into this… like island guinea pigs!!! That would be cool. ^-^

  2. I am currently working on a version of this — I started it in my tutorial video — a survival game where you are alone on the island and you work to survive – collect wood for a fire, boil water, build a shelter, collect coconuts and plants or hunt for food, make tools from rocks and wood. There will be day and night, rain storms.

    I am also trying to make it interesting to explore — I already have some secret waterfalls. I’d like to model some cave interiors too.

    I am going to have animals to interact with, but I need to model them in 3D myself which will take time.

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